Saturday, May 10, 2014

Our Nature Diary

We have embarked on a project to know–really know–our block.  

naturalists at work
We started our journey of discovery with our neighbor, Fred. Fred is an expert on trees, but today we concentrated on flowers. Hats were the fashion statement of the day. Here we are consulting our field guides to help us identify a flower.

virginia bluebells

may apple



The best part of our walk was seeing Doris, who is also a member of our congregation. We didn't know she lived on our block! She invited us to come back anytime and see her garden progress.


Do you want to join us on a trip around the block? Cowboy hats optional but encouraged.

prairie crabapple?


taking notes
Lilah decided to write some poems about the experience as we went along. Our original plan was to sketch what we were looking at but we ended up with a more exuberant experience.

yellow violet

Lilah's poems about dandelions and yellow violets

myrtle (aka vinca)

more from Lilah's naturalist journal

We want to find 1,000 species on our block. Today's list: myrtle, violet, yellow violet, lily of the valley, lilac, bluebell, azalea, dandelion, hyacinth and grape hyacinth, scylla (squills), trillium, may apple, peony, bleeding heart, forget me not: 16.

We welcome you to walk the block with us.

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  1. This is such the inspiring start. Whether you find your 1000, more or less, you will have learned tons along the way.